The concept of the original tower designed by ACDF is to create a mixed used building that tailors to people’s needs, and at the same time echoes with the natural elements in the surrounding. Strong reflection of natural elements in the design increased the occupant’s sense of belongings. The balcony design took inspiration from the silhouette of the gingko leaf.

This organic form created a unique façade for the building that also promotes pedestrians to engage with it at ground level. The sheared top of the tower not only successfully reduced shadow impact on the site but also maximized the amount of sunlight to surrounding buildings and streets beside, showing respect to the surrounding neighborhood.

All of these intentions are further extended onto the additional social house development beside it that reflects the essence of the original tower design. This additional 8-storey building provides 40 extra units of social housing.

The public space between the two buildings is connected with columns that are inspired from the underwater view of floating water lilies. Again, drawing inspiration from nature, these columns portray natural elements that bring the pedestrians to a forest-like setting.